June 9, 2020

Welcome back Guests and DBC Friends,

We are so lucky to have had your support over the last 12 weeks.  We can't thank you enough.  We quickly transitioned into a take-out model, we know it wasn't perfect, and thank everyone for their patience with us.  Wednesday, we move into phase 2, more quickly than expected.  We are VERY lucky to have all our staff return. We put a lot of thought into this transition, as safety was one of our most important concerns.  We know it won't be perfect, or back to normal, but we hope to provide you with some sense of comfort and relaxation. Thank you, thank you!

Here are some things to think about upon your next visit:

We are going to be so happy to see you, but please cover your face when you arrive.  Once you have been seated, you may remove your face covering.  We will always have our faces covered.

We are very sorry, we can't take any reservations at this time.  It is a first come first serve model.  We want to make sure your table is clean and sanitized before we seat a new group.

We know you will be so excited to see others! Please resist the urge to join already seated tables nor, invite others to join your table.

As much as we love having you on our patio, please limit your time to 1 hour and 45 minutes or less.  We have lots of friends who would also love to visit.

Please leave tables and chairs where you found them.  All furniture has been placed exactly 6 feet apart to ensure safety.

THE BATHROOM!  Remember your mask please. Use the old front door entrance (bar room) to use the bathroom.

A hand-washing sink and water station have been created for you on the back patio, please help yourself.

When you arrive, come to one of the server windows, on the right side of the building.  If there is a line, join the end, remaining 6 ft from the person in front of you.  You will order your food and drink there, then be directed to your table.  All food and drink will be brought to you.  We are excited to share a few new items and some old crowd pleasers (mussels)!

At this time, all food will be served on disposable dishware.  When you are done, there are garbage cans set up for the disposal of your meal. Please use them. We want to ensure the safety of everyone!

You will always find an ALWAYS up to date menu on our website, take a look before you arrive to help with your choices.  You will find that we have changed the menu a bit.  All mussels, handhelds, and burgers will be sold a la carte. In other words, Pomme Frites will be sold separately.

Bring your own booster seat or high chair please.

Thank goodness, ALL our servers returned!  We know times are tough, but please tip, this is how they make a living.  It is greatly appreciated!

Thank you so much for your patience and understand during this time.  We look forward to serving you.

Nick, Jess, Kevin & Staff


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